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Wrong "mode" of surface????

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Hello all! I''m having a slight problem with DirectX at present. I have one function that inits an offscreen surface for use as a sprite, and then another that (supposedly) locks that surface and copies data from a bitmap file. What''s wrong? Well, when I try to lock the surface, I get a DDERR_SURFACELOST error, and the help file advises me to Restore() my surface, but when I try to do so, I get a DDERR_WRONGMODE error! I have tried doing the restore() function inside the init function, and that works, so somehow, when the INIT function goes out of scope, and then the GRAB_BITMAP function comes into scope, the surface changes it''s mode, whatever that is... Before you ask, yes I am using pointers to the sprites so they should be staying INIT''ed... I am at a loss. Maybe if I firstly knew what a MODE was in the first place... i haven''t change the Bits Per Pixel that I know of... anyone know what''s going on? yours truly, wiseGuy

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a DDERR_WRONGMODE error is generated when you try to use a surface that has been created in another mode (for example when i switch to fullscreen, i have to recreate all surfaces or i get this error)
post up your init code, perhaps there is something wrong with it

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okies, here is my Sprite init code. Note that I init DirectDraw elsewhere and Yes I do init DX before all my sprites.

int initSprite(sprite *sprite, int width, int height, LPDIRECTDRAW ddraw, int flags)
//create the description object

sprite->x = sprite->y = 0;

memset(&ddsd, 0, sizeof(ddsd));
ddsd.dwSize = sizeof(ddsd);

ddsd.dwWidth = sprite->width = width;
ddsd.dwHeight = sprite->height = height;

//set the surface to an offscreen one

//create the surface in VRAM
for (int i=0 ; i<(sprite->numframes) ; i++)
if (ddraw->CreateSurface(&ddsd, &(sprite->image), NULL) != DD_OK)
MessageBox(NULL, "couldn''t create off screen surface", "error", MB_OK);
return 0;

if (flags==0) //if we want transparency
//set transparent to pink
DDCOLORKEY colorkey;
colorkey.dwColorSpaceLowValue = RGB16BIT(255,0,255);
//colorkey.dwColorSpaceHighValue = RGB16BIT(256,56,141);

//set pink to be transparent
(sprite->image[i])->SetColorKey(DDCKEY_SRCBLT /*/ DDCKEY_COLORSPACE*/, &colorkey);

return 1;

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