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Chris Tutty

How can we build on each other's work?

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I''ve finally decided to put an old RPG campaign up on the Web and have been prowling around looking for tools that support world building, mapping, online RPG, etc. What has struck me most strongly in the last couple of weeks is the enormous amount of repeated effort. I can''t shake this impression of thousands of programmers all sitting side-by-side in small rooms working on similar code for similar reasons to achieve smilar goals. Now I realise that a lot of people are coding for the challenge and that makes sense to me but I don''t have a lot of time to spare from my real job (software engineer) so I''m looking for a way to add my effort to a larger existing system and can''t get past the amount of fragmentation and duplication. On a simple level I''m looking for some pointers to existing projects (CrystalSpace looks good), but on a deeper level I''m curious as to whether any of the other experienced developers out there have some opinions on how to combine effort more successfully. My time in project management tells me that ego has a fair amount to do with it, but I''m also getting the impression that we simply don''t have a good framework to bolt work from different people onto.

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