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okokok im learning C right now because i only have a book on The C programming language. I will be learning C++ sooner or later, but i have a question. Is there a way to make graphical games in C, and can you make windows programs in C. just a few simple questions. I have already made a simple trivia game but that about it. If you want to find out more about my trivia game go to

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Not 100% sure on this one....

To make windows apps you can use the Win32 API ( assuing Win95, 98, NT or 2K ). Should be a lot of source code out there showing that. A good book to learn from is "Win32 Programming API Bible" by Waite Group Press. Has good examples. The code looks odd at first, but once you mess with it for a while it clears itself up. Should be able to find this book at a used book store if they have computer programming books.

For graphics, OpenGL is based on C. will give you a lot of locations to hunt down source code. A good place to start is using glut. It provides the windows GUI to do graphics with.

If you want code, just ask. I can forward some simple apps showing win32 API and glut programs that might help you out to start with. The code was written using Visual C++ 6.0, but it works in C++ Builder.


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first of all -- c can make any program that c++ can make, just with alot more anoyance involved
windows was made and c, and windows programs can be made in c
graphics code can be done in c -- in the case of direct x accessing com without the this pointer and vtbl being hidden is annoying, but it is doable
just remember -- c and c++ just generate asm code, and they generate the same code in the end

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