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DirectX Programmers WANTED for a new RPG game!

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We''re creating a RPG game besed on D&D and we currently need DirectX programmers. We now its have one DirectDraw programmer and two 2D/3D artists. If you know DirectX programing dont hesitate mailing me. Description of the basics of the game: It''s based on D&D and will be played mainly over intenet, this way we can update the "missions" on the server and we can add new monsters etc. You can fight other people live and chat, sell, rob them... The game is going to be VERY BIG and the player shall be free to do nearly whatever he wants to do Hope you''re interested in joining us... -Pikkenix ( PS. More GameInfo here: Not much there now though....

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I''m not voluntering to this project, just thought a clarification might be in order... D&D as Pikkenix is referring to is not Dungeons&Dragons, which one is likely to assume. Rather it''s an old Swedish rpg based on Rolemaster (I think). It''s called ''Dragons & Demons'' which explains the abbreviation.

Ever so helpful,

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The game is both 2D and 3D, and yes it''s not based on Dragons and Demons, thanx for clearing that up for me spunge
Rolemaster is the right game...

Sorry for posting it here bt many DirectX programmers reads it... hope U dont mind and get to angry

Please join we REALLY need more coders!!!

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