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Hybrid multiplayer style

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I''m considering the virtues of a ''different'' execution of standard multiplayer styles. Normally, multiplayer games are one of two breeds: (1) multiplayer, same computer (hotseat or split-screen), or multiplayer networked (over TCP, IPX, and so on). What about combining the two? I''m certain this game style would only work in an arcade-ish or action game (forget FPS), as well in a "team" environment (any game that has a cooperative mode). For example, take the classic "tank" game (a la Scorched Earth, Worms, etc). Two (or more?) players (team mates) sitting at one game system with a controller each or whatnot, connecting to another game system over the Internet to another computer in use by another small group of players. I''m not sure if this has been done, and I''m assuming it already has been (haven''t done any research on the concept), but I thought I would throw it out here to get your thoughts on this combined multiplayer game engine. Ideas? MatrixCubed

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Check out Halo (and i''m sure many other games) on the xbox.
Nothing on the PC springs to mind.
But it''s a fine idea, particularly for turn-based games as you don''t have to fight each other for keyboard space However, you should realise that multiple people on the same computer is a fairly uncommon practice (on PC), but it''s still cool And if you ever get into developing XBOX, and maybe gamecube or ps2 games (although they are less likely to develop games with online play) your experience could come in handy.

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