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Linux question

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You have to answer that question yourself, because YMMV. I haven''t read any of those available (and there aren''t a whole lot), so mosey on down to your local superbookstore, pull up a chair and skim the (slim) pickings. Find the one that suits your style and way of learning best, and buy it.

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The best way to learn game programming for Linux is buy yourself a good general windows game programming book( ie: that isn''t specific to an API or if you prefer, find one that talks about SDL ) and apply what you learn from that book to Linux. Since SDL is pretty easy to get a hang of and also to use on Linux, it might be a good point if you''re new to Linux game programming. Programming on Linux is pretty simple as long as you get a hang of how the compiler works( ie: read the man for gcc and also gcc --help, if I remember correctly ). That''s about it as far as I know...

I had programmed some small apps for Linux before starting to program my game in it and I can tell you that it was pretty easy so if you have some background, it shouldn''t cause you any problems. As for porting examples from Windows books, if you''re an advanced( I hate using that word but I couldn''t find another one that worked ) programmer, it should prove to be pretty simple with some minor twists....

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Programming Linux games from nostarch press looks the best to me.
It also has a complete tutorial about SDL. Another good point is that it ends with a complete game project.

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