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Becoming a game programmer...from scratch

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I decided to start a hobby in game programming, not a career..yet, maybe one day. The one thing I keep asking myself as I absorb information from the internet, forums, and books about game programming, is not how did someone do something technically, but how someone went about acquiring the information and fitting it into their schedule to learn. Or, what books they bought and what they thought of it. Basically how they got from 'A' to 'B', with 'B' being someone who coded a demo or game engine, or got a job in the game industry from their coding or design skills. So I decided to start a website that just mostly focuses on the human aspect of game development. Currently I am keeping a journal of what I am doing to become a game developer and how I fit it into my life, and how I go about getting information and interpreting information, and what happens to me on a weekly, maybe daily basis, someone calls me and tells me how this work, get a job offer from John C I would like to fill it with stories and interviews of other people who have developed any type of game engine or demo. If you fit this bill I want to hear from you drop me an email. Recap my site is not going to be based on tutorials or game news. You are already on one of the premier sites on the internet that does that. I am hoping to create a sort of "Chicken Soup for the would-be game developer soul" type of thing. To give people incentive and the more you hear about others the more you know that you are just like them, and if you want to be a game developer you will be, and see how others have strived to reach the elusive goal of being a game developer. I already got some stuff up on the site, and I already ran into my first problem with the code. I'd like to hear your opinion about my idea or the site. You can goto the site click here. There are a couple of things I already put up that will give you an overall gist of what I want to accomplish with the articles. TIA for any input or ideas. HighEnd ---- HighEnd Gaming http://www.highendgaming.com [edited by - HighEnd on May 29, 2002 7:07:05 PM] [edited by - HighEnd on May 29, 2002 7:10:47 PM] [edited by - HighEnd on May 29, 2002 8:16:16 PM]

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