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general format for a map

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What are some of the common ways for storing the data for a map of a 3D game? I have created my own, but Im sure there are probobly better ways of doing it. My way is: ObjectTyp name{ property property ... property } etc... Is this the way to do it? By just having different types of objects that the engine loads from the file? I then have object types of: Wall, Floor, Textures, AllocInfo, etc Just wondering what the standard is or what you have foun usefull thanx a lot ahead tazzel3d ~ dwiel

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Guest Anonymous Poster
if you''re talking a 3d game like Quake, then the "standard" way is a Binary Space Partitioning Tree. Since Quake, this has been the standard adopted by id, and almost all other companies which have produced firstperson 3d games.
Basically the BSP divides up the geometry of the world, into a binary tree structure.
There is heaps of info on this around the net etc.

You can do it your way, but does it provide an efficient way to tell if part of the level isn''t visible and therefore doesn''t need to be drawn?

A BSP Tree, used with the Potentially Visible Set technique (also heavily used and perhaps developed by id software) allows you to only draw what the player can potentially see each frame. This is what you want in a 3d game.

Of course, if you are writing a game in which the player can''t move around and they will see exactly the same thing each frame, then what I''ve told you is not applicable.

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1) If I am going to use a BSP tree, why cant I just have the tree be a seperate file with references to the polys that are in each node? Or should I have have the actually poly data inside the node of the tree file?
2) I was going to try to do a Portal type system to not show what the player wont see, and through my vision of what the world will be like, there should should be very little overdraw. Should I still use a BSP tree? I didnt really think it would help my situation where each room or hallway or whatever is fairly empty.

Thanx for the help

Tazzel3d ~ Dwiel

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