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==PRESS RELEASE from small, indie developer

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Hello Gamedev.net developers, We are throwing this out into the world today, comments welcome. Please feel free to comment here or on our forums on our site. Thank you for your time, Joseph A. Hatcher Jr. Project Manager/Creative Director AGFRAG Entertainment Group www.agfrag.com agfrag@bellsouth.net Press Release =========================================== AGFRAG Entertainment Group, an independent multimedia developer based in Kodak, TN, announced today the development of five products, four of which are computer games. - One of the products is a childrens book, Alan the Alligator, by the debut children''s author, Debra M. Hatcher. AGFRAG expects this book to be ready for release by July 2002. The computer games being developed are: - Descension of Ten (DoX) is a 3d mature/horror/sci-fi/action/adventure game. It tells of the horrors that are released when the infamous Planet X "crosses over" the orbit of Earth in the year 5603. Featuring extremely realistic effects & animations, DoX aims to immerse the player in a situation he/she wishes they weren''t in. Each character you can choose from has a smart-mouthing guardian angel to assist you throughout the game, both verbally, and in gameplay. Currently in development, AGFRAG is aiming to release Descension of Ten at the end of Q4 of 2003, or Q2 of 2004. - WARazur: Herzogzeit, will sharpen your skills in the art of war. This 2d, top-down view, realtime-action/strategy game by AGFRAG is going back in time before RTS games were popular to bring to light the intensity those early RTS games brought to the gaming scene. The PM/CD of AGFRAG, Joseph A. Hatcher Jr., wanted gameplayers to know: " This game is inspired by the great games Herzog & Herzog Zwei by Techno Soft Ltd." "We''ve loved HZ since it first came out on the Sega Genesis in 1989. " "The AGFRAG team says you will love this game, and we look forward to playing against you online!" AGFRAG said they are making it for 1-4 players, and they are including LAN, internet, & modem to modem support. Look for razor-sharp warring gameplay for your PC this holiday season. - The Gabriel FACTOR: XYVUL WAR (TGF) is a 3d FPS/vehicle combat/team based online missions game. AGFRAG is aiming to make TGF an online gaming center of sorts, as well as an online multiplayer game. Featuring in-game online audience cameras invisible to players, unique weapons & items to enhance gameplay, a huge city to explore & conduct your missions in, AGFRAG is aiming to make TGF the world''s #1 FPS. You are in control of Xylk Xyvul (silk civil), who is modeled by real-life model Maritza. The action will be intense & quick-paced, with no blood or dismemberments. TGF will be easy enough for just about anyone to play, with options to add more control over how you play the game, including in-depth customizable options for your character & vehicle. There is no set release date for The Gabriel FACTOR: XYVUL WAR. - CAEH Chess PC: Virtual Chess Board, (CAEH=kay-uh) is a 2-6 player chess variant. Based on the unique design of the CAEH Chess game board, with this game, the strategy is increased immensely by multiple checks & mates. It will test your political skills as well, when you decide who your allies and real enemies are. AGFRAG doesn''t know if they''ll be able to include online play yet, as it is geered more toward schools and chess groups. AGFRAG plans to have CAEH Chess done for release before school starts again in the USA, in September. WARazur: Herzogzeit and CAEH Chess PC - Virtual Chess Board are being made with Multimedia Fusion by Clickteam ( www.clickteam.com ). We like its ease of use, and sprite handling abilities. The Gabriel FACTOR: XYVUL WAR & The Descension of Ten are being prototyped with 3dgamestudio ( www.3dgamestudio.com ) by Conitec. Visit AGFRAG at www.agfrag.com for additional information.

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