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Mouse Buttons in Maya 4

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I''m switching from 3D Max to Maya 4, and I can''t seem to find a way to get it to use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out of the views. Is it possible to reassign the Mouse button functions, I don''t see anything in the hotkeys. Best I could come up with is to assign a key to dolly tool, but then I have to press another key to select the tool I had. oh yeah, I know I can use the alt + LMB + MMB...but that''s just not easy to do on my mouse, It would be great if I could change the MMB to the RMB. Could it be done using MEL, if not I guess i''ll have to do it the hard way and make a program that changes the Windows messages sent to maya (I''m a programmer too, but haven''t learned MEL so I don''t know what it can do )

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