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Massively Multiplayer Half-Life Mod!

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My team, Giblet Cascade Scenario, is developing a mod that I believe could threaten the reign of Counter-Strike! It is going to be Massively Multiplayer! M3 = Massively Multiplayer Mod!!! Gahhh! I get so excited about it....so here we go... The M3 software (being developed as we speak) is seperate from the Half-Life game itself, and is a specialized system of transferring data from the server to client to master server (which stores the player profiles) that when used with a mod, it can become Massively Multiplayer. Meaning, each server hosts a map which is part of a huge grid, and players can move between maps by merely walking to the next one, and transferring over to another server (the M3 software handles all of the data transfer itself). The player actually joins the game through the M3 software as well. This is the idea in its most basic of forms: because it can be attached to ANYTHING. What I mean is, I can take ANY idea and use the M3 software to create it. This is most likely going to be war based, but eventually it could be made into anything. If my team decided on a "Battle of Hoth" mod, we could create it, a huge uber-map that completely recreates the entire battle area (or even the entire friggin planet Hoth if we registered enough dedicated servers as our hosts). Right now, we have our sights set on a medium-futuristic warfare mod which I am calling Havenside for now, but we have many more ideas (The battle of Stalingrad, the aforementioned battle of Hoth, All of any war, really, if we really set our sights on it....). This modern warfare mod would be very realistic, and very team oriented. There would be mainly point capturing and territory pushing (though taking place over hundreds of "miles" of territory and spread over many maps), though there will be an espionage element (hehehe), and different classes of trooper that you could be ( you only select one and stick with it until your character dies or you make a new one....think of in Diablo II playing Hardcore on battle.net, but not quite as rpgish..and there are bonuses for surviving a long time...character upgrades etc...). This could go on for hours, and I have a crapload of school work to do...please post what you think and some ideas or questions. If you want to join our team, which is in great need, go to my post in this forum''s help wanted section... The bloody website is still not up yet...our webmaster had a brilliant idea to give it a makeover before we submitted it to Planethalflife for hosting...but I can assure you, now it is going to be spectacular to the extreme... *I am working on a way to get around the 32 player limit on servers inside the Half-Life source code (I haven''t had enough time lately to look into it...because of my bloody computer). If that doesn''t work, I have designed a method that actually shares data between servers, so when the dedicated server nears filling up, it calls a backup server, which takes a portion of the player data load, even though the map is being run on the dedicated one. *All of the map changes and "server changes" will be handled by the M3 software. The maps are permanent on each server (besides periodical large scale changes), and you only change maps when you move to another section. The respawns are dynamic, and you respawn as close to the front as one map back, so you do not have to worry about getting "respawn camped". The M3 handles all of the joining servers, and calculates the proper one to join. On the main website, there is a map being updated constantly that shows the front lines and the conflicting areas. This is determined by the farthest advances of the farthest players converted into a scale x and y value that can be used on the map on the site. *The maps are going to be very large, and if people just stay on their side of the world, their team will not advance or benefit. The entire idea of the game is the "whole scale warfare", where you become less interested in your own "score", and more interested in the overall conflict. And also, the first M3 based release will be mainly to try and work out any kinks in the overall concept. I, as much as you, am not that eager to see yet ANOTHER mod full of M16''s, Pineapples, and MP5''s... Just bear with us...with such a small team *ahem*, it is very slow going, and all of the ideas about the mod are not going to be posted until the bloody website is finished and hosted. I can assure you, however, that everything has been well thought out. For updates on the status of the webpage and our idea or if you want to join our team, go to our temporary site, at http://www.thecascade.50megs.com or www.moddb.com , mod id #51 or email me: zaccaeus@hotmail.com P.S. This idea has been worked on long and hard, and all of the members of the design team have suffered at school because of it...please don''t even let the thought cross your mind to steal it, or it shall be crushed like a ripe fruit...thank you... And also, this is more of a hobby project than anything, but it is a very serious hobby. If any of you know what making a mod is like, you know what I mean ENTER THE CASCADE: www.thecascade.50megs.com [Giblet Cascade Scenario]

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