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OpenGL opengl with gdi

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Hi, Can I use the windows gdi to do text and bitmaps with opengl? If i use it, it won''t mess up my opengl stuff will it? Thanks ECKILLER

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You can use GDI calls on your OpenGL context - but and it''s a big but...

You can''t write to the back buffer with GDI so you''ll get major flickers. Not OpenGL''s fault, it''s a limitation of Windows'' GDI.

Paul Groves.
OpenGL for Beginners

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Pauly is right. You can be pretty sure GDI will work with an OpenGL context, but only on the front-buffer. So its pretty useless for games. wgl (Microsoft''s bindings for OpenGL in Windows) sucks and Microsoft will likely never fix it.

Popular rumor has it that Microsoft had a version of OpenGL that could peacefully coexist with DirectX surfaces (so you could do 2D work with DirectX) many years ago, but ditched it to try and persude game developers to use Direct3D.

In any case... ECKILLER, check out an earlier post to this very board for some more information:

Also, if you want to see some source code, check out my Genesis3D driver (which, among other things, uses OpenGL to do 2D bitmap blitting using OpenGL texture mapping and simple quad-polys):

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