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Hardware acceleration

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I am beggining to learn OpenGL and currently reading "OpenGL Game Programming". At the end of chapter 5 it said that it is best to use OpenGL''s built in Matrix functions whenever possible because they can often take advantage of hardware acceleration that we wont have access to. This doesn''t seem right. Is the book trying to simplify things for the sake of not introducing advanced OpenGL functions too early? Isn''t there a way to use hardware T&L in your own matrices? (assuming your hardware supports T&L of course) If someone could straighten this out for me that would be great. Thanks, AcidInjury

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There is no way to directly tell OpenGL to use hardware T&L. If it''s present, it''ll be taken advantage of automatically, provided that you let OpenGL handle the transformation and lighting. If you transform and light your vertices yourself you won''t get hardware T&L (unless you''re using shaders - which are making hardware T&L less important).

That''s not to say that you can''t build your own matricies. As long as you load them (with glLoadMatrix or glMultMatrix) and have OpenGL apply them to the geometry, you''ll still get hardware T&L.

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No, its not really possible to use hardware T&L in a software renderer. Unless of course, you write your own drivers, but thats more trouble than its worth...

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