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Please help me with my program (Minimize DirectX program)

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I need make that my program supports ALT+TAB keys but I can''t do it: This is my situation The first problem is, when I minimize or press ALT+TAB the program resturns DDERR_SURFACELOST error, Ok, this is solved with Restore function, but when I use this one the program returns DDERR_WRONGMODE error because the function restores the surface only if the video mode is the same of the surface, How I can return to a the video mode of the surfaces, I think that this is with Setdisplaymode function, I''m usin this but when I return to program this not show nothing, this is my code for all this: This loop is executed when the active window is not the program (this code is into the main loop)
            HWND_ACTIVA = GetActiveWindow
            If HWND_ACTIVA <> DX_CAT.hWnd Then
                    HWND_ACTIVA = GetActiveWindow
                Loop While HWND_ACTIVA <> DX_CAT.hWnd
                DD.SetCooperativeLevel DX_CAT.hWnd, DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE Or DDSCL_FULLSCREEN
                DD.SetDisplayMode 800, 600, 16, 0, DDSDM_DEFAULT
            End If

''This part of the code restore the surfaces
''Note: When the program is minimized the DDERR_SURFACELOST on each surface functions is ignored.

When I return to my program the previous code sets the video mode, then all surfaces can be restored (I think),but this not happend !!!! Ing. Mike

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