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Lighting ala Diablo, 2d lighting w/o 3d do i have it right?

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I was curious about how to do 2d lighting around say your main character like in diablo 2. I have seen and searched the forum for other posts, but i guess nothing answers my question. I think I know how to do lighting but just want to say how I think its done here so people can correct me if I am wrong, here it goes... I have my alpha blending working, I can draw any sprite i want alpha blended 50/50 or alpha blended 0-255 (This came from the "For begginners: MMX alpha blending") So I was curious, if I wanted to lighthing do I make a radial gradient of say white and my color key (black) and then just draw that alphablended to make it look light its lighting up the floor around my character? Or am I missing something, I havely suspect it does have to do with alpha blending. Any help would be great, and yes I know questions about 2d lighting was posted 1million times before, I am just asking for a quick clarification/answer if I am wrong. Thanks again. _Shane

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Well technically, natural lighting would be more likely to make things "less black" than "more white" if you see what I mean. You probably want it so things near the light source are approximately their ''normal'' colour (assuming a white light), fading to black the further from the light they are.

I''m not sure why you mention the colour key though, either... I would have thought the gradient in question would affect the amount of blending, not the colour to be blended. I''m no expert though.

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