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Problem understanding an algorithm used in LOTR contest

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hello all, Im having problems understanding a piece of code in one of the entries by mirko teran revnikar (the winning entry). I was hoping some of you, who have looked through the source may have a better understanding of it. The effect right at the beginning whereby the screen splits into a series of blocks and changes is what''s causing me confusion. The code is in "UnityPaletteTemplate.h" the section of code I''m struggling with is: template Type UPaletteTemplate::Get( float position ) { Type result; if ( count==0 ) return result; // error: no entry if ( cur != count ) return result; // error: not full if ( position <= key[ 0 ] ) return data[ 0 ]; // before start index if ( position >= key[ count-1 ] ) return data[ count-1 ]; // after end index int pos1 = 0; // start position while ( key[ pos1 ] < position ) pos1++;// find end position int pos0 = pos1 - 1; // set start position float delta = absf(key[ pos1 ] - key[ pos0 ]);// set index distance position -= key[ pos0 ]; // get distance on segment const float bal = position / delta; // balance const float oneMinusBal = 1.0f - bal; // 1-balance result = ( data[ pos0 ] * oneMinusBal ) + ( data[ pos1 ] * bal ); return result; // return result } Could someone explain this to me, is is an implementation of a ''map''. What does the ''balance'' mean? Ive tried working it out on paper with a set of keys and data to try and figure out how it works, but i just dont understand what it is calcualting. Any ideas anyone? Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance -cs

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''balance'' means something like interpolation factor or "lerp".

if you have 2 vectors
0,1,2 and 1,2,3
with interpoiation 0.5 you get:

result = ([0,1,2] * (1 - 0.5)) + ([1,2,3] * 0.5) // (=[0.5, 1.5, 2.5])

and it''s not implementation of map. It''s more like 1D texture. But you can store any type of data in it. Not just colors.

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