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Prize ideals?

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I''m creating a website that focuses on the human side of game development. Basically, collecting anecdotes for a sort of ''Chicken Soup for the aspiring game developer(artist)''. My site needs some help with some 2D graphics and I was wondering if I held a contest what would be a good prize to give someone for the best button design? I was thinking of a game or a gift card to electronic boutique, and prominent display of the person''s name on the site, and maybe a subdomain with some space to show off their work, I would foot the bandwidth and such and they would have access to CGI, PHP, mySQL, etc... Or, would I be better going some other route? I tried looking into contract work but for some reason all of them think that every website is backed by millions of venture capital. I''m a programmer by trade so do not have any creative blood in me whatsoever Your ideas would be greatly appreciated, and if any of you have any anecdotes you would like to share drop me a line You can see some of the anecdotes we have up now for game developers, I''d like to see some artist anecdotes up TIA for everyone''s time and input. Oh, and if I do decide a contest is good from everyone''s input, how would I go about announcing it? HighEnd ---- "Becoming a game developer from scratch..."

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