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VB 6.0, Win2k, and Screen.Width (Help!)

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Normally, Screen.Width \ Screen.TwipsPerPixelX would result in the number of horizontal pixels across the screen (i.e. 15360 \ 15 = 1024). However while this holds true under Windows 2000, it doesn't once ChangeDisplaySettings() has been called from a VB app. A resolution of 1024x768 changed to a resolution of 800x600 registers as 600x768, and when changed back to 1024x768 results in 768x768. This is not a syntax error or a logic error on my part (as far as I can tell). Screen.Width and Screen.Height seem to be returning the wrong data. This program runs perfectly under Win95, Win98, and WinXP. So is this a NT/2000 bug? Settings under Display Properties shows the correct resolution. Why would Screen.Width and Screen.Height suddenly start giving the wrong dimensions? I hope someone can help clear this up. * Note that both Screen.TwipsPerPixelX and Screen.TwipsPerPixelX return a constant 15 under all the resolutions I have tested, so it's not the twips that are messing things up. [edited by - Xorcist on May 31, 2002 12:17:45 AM]

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VB6 is chuck full of bugs, you got the latest service pack installed? it cuts down on a number of them. Check and see if there''s a way to tell the screen object to refresh or something...

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