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[java] Preloading images

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I am making a game, and it has a 800x500 gif as a background picture. In the first few seconds of the game, you have to sit there and watch it and other gifs load. Instead I wanted to preload the images, but I could find any convincing solutions on how to do this. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Check this method out, it uses MediaTracker to wait until the picture is loaded. Then it returns the image if no error occured.

Furtermore, to use it:

Image myImage = getImage("gfx/blabla.jpg");

It adds the DocumentBase in the method.

private Image getImage(String imageName) {
MediaTracker mt = new MediaTracker(this);
Image image = getImage(getDocumentBase(),imageName);
try {
} catch(InterruptedException ex) {}
if(mt.isErrorAny()) {
System.out.println("error while loading: "+imageName+" ("+getDocumentBase()+imageName+")");
return null;
return image;

[edited by - Scorpion on June 3, 2002 7:47:17 AM]

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Hey people, it would be good if you checked first previous threads posted here, the question about how to preload images has been asked about 3 or 4 times since I´m here..., you have to set the forum to display the messages posted in the last 30 or 45 days...

You can find different solutions there....

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