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how do I do transparency/translucency?

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How do I render textures with transparent peices on to polygons?translucent textures would be useful to. I would very much appreciate a link to a tutorial, or, if it''s not to much code, a code snippet. Thanks for you guys'' on-going support, I have an actualy working demo now , transparency would make it look less drab though. Klaus

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To do transparency, youll want to look into using glAlphaFunc and glEnable(GL_ALPHA_TEST). The images you want to have transparent areas must be 32bit, with the last 8 bits being the alpha values (which you can configure to be transparent using glAlphaFunc).

For translucancy, glEnable(GL_BLEND) and glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA,GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA) are used to enable standard translucancy, and you can change the amount of translucency with glColor4f(r,g,b,A) where A is the level of translucancy (1 == solid, 0 = invisible, 0.5 == semi-translucent).

Hope that helps a bit.

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