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Hi everyone, i`ve been writing/playing/producing music for a few years now but have only recently decided to try and get into creating music/graphics for video games. My sample collection is not huge (most of my previous work was not sample heavy, mostly live intrumentation) and as such i am looking to increase it drastically, can anyone recommend a good website (or sites) that offer various samples for download? i have a bucketload of soud effects, i just need some intrument samples. thanks a lot

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Hmmm.... don''t know of a website, but if you have SB! Live or Audigy you can probably smuggle the Rhythmania sound/instrument samples into your collection. I don''t know if it would be legal - I think it would if you''ve actually paid for the sound card (and the software). I''m actually not too sure about Audigy having Rhythmania supplied with it on the CD because I''ve never see one in real life, but it probably does...

Just a thought....


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If you have been working on live instrumentation, couldn''t you sample those instruments and use that?

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