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Visual Basic: Finding the name of a field in a DB

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I''m not a big fan of Visual Basic, but I''ve got to get a project done in the next couple days, and I can''t find the answer to a specific question. My book doesn''t know the answer, my teacher doesn''t know the answer (to this or any other question I''ve asked the whole quarter, /rant), and I can''t find the answer on MSDN (I''m sure it''s on there somewhere , but I haven''t been able to find it in my searches, and if I spend any longer researching VB stuff, I''m afraid my head will begin spinning around in complete revolutions while bile spews from my eardrums) So, I''m asking you guys. How can I find the names of fields, the names of tables, the number of fields, and the number of tables in a database using recordset methods or SQL query strings with Visual Basic? I know I can get the value of a field in the current record using this syntax (along with a bunch of others):
But I need to be able to find out that, for example, "there are 3 fields per record, and they are named ''primaryKey'', ''carType'', and ''yearMade''". Same thing with tables, although that''s less important than the fields. Anyone know?

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