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Export animations from 3D Studio Max

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Hi! I''m currently working on a 3d game using Direct3D and now I want to include animations created in 3d Studio Max. I export the files in 3DS format and use the conv3ds.exe application to convert them to x-files format by typing: "conv3ds -A myAnimation.3ds" But when I convert them, all the animation data is lost. My questions are now: Is it possible to use the conv3ds application to convert *.3ds files and receive animation data in the x-file format? If not, what format should I use to include animations in my game? Do I have to write an exporter plugin myself or is there any existing ones that fullfill my requirements? B.R. Knudas

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You should take a look at other formats than the 3ds format. the 3ds format is a relic from the olf 3d studio 3 and 4 days, so it might not include all information from 3d studio max.
You can also export data from 3ds studio max using the ascii exporter (ASE) which exports nearly everything if I remember corretly.
The other thing you could do is write a quick maxscript that exports all the data you want in the format you want. It''s reasonably stable, and fairly fast to implement once you know how maxscript works.
If in the end it''s too slow still, you will have to make your own exporter using the sdk. But I would say for a simple export tool you''re better off reading the ASE files, as creating your own exporter simply takes up a lot of time you could otherwise spend improving your engine! (IMHO).


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