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Darren Knorr

Trouble Initializing DX Objects

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Hello Folks I''m working with a few guys on an open source 2D PBEM hex Wargame project, that I''m writing in VB6 DX7/8. Things where going rather well until deep space radiation blasted my compter and I lost the ability to access my DX7 lids when my code tries to referance it upon start up... VB hangs here when the DX object attempts to intialized or referance an instance.... Public DX As New DirectX7 Okay I moved some directories around, (both the Dx7SDK and my project directory), and I think this is when the trouble started. Now I reinstalled DX7 and 8 SDKs and can get DX8 projects to load and find the referanced libs... but bloody hell the DX7 code wont run.. even the EXEs using DX7 cant intialize... So Im stumped as to how I can get VB6 and my project to find my VBdx dlls which I know are in the Windows system dir, (I checked) and are referance in my project... Somehow the path info is not acurrate... at least that is what I suspect... Any help would be a big help here as I cant code right now... Thanks Darren

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