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analyse Zelda!

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Who wouldn''t want to be a youngish elf with a magic sword?

If life were only so simple as defending your land and your simple lifestyle against evil... questing to seek its source and obliterating it entirely...

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Zelda games have the best dungeons ever. The puzzles in them are always fresh. Every dungeon has a unique look and feel, and is filled with traps and surprises.

The Zelda game that I am most familiar with is the snes version. Something that I think really helped that games life was the second world. The first world was very expansive, and a fairly long adventure in itself, but once that was finished, being shown the whole other world made the game even better.

Something that Zelda games have always done well is the usage of items. This was better in the n64 zelda than the snes zelda though since on the snes you had to frequently change what item s your were using. Items in zelda are majorly important things when you get them. They are used frequently, and in many different ways to solve puzzles, which increases their lifespan throughout the game. In some games, items are thrown at you so much that they become repetitive and unimportant, but in zelda, the timing is perfect. You know you are going to be getting one new major item in every level, which also heightens the players anticipation, since these items can frequently be used to access secret areas on the overworld map, such as the fairy caves where you get magicin n64 zelda.

Finally, the other element that zelda games have always done prefectly has been battle, especially vs bosses. The fighting engine is always clean and easy to control, and bosses are always very creative.

The story in zelda games hasn''t always been overly deep, but enough to make you want to progress. From what I have heard, Majora''s mask emphasized more social interactions.
Something that would make a great addition to the zelda games is some kind of tie to all the stories. There have been many zelda games released, they all involve the same cast, stories are similar in several points, but the world is most often a totally different shape and the story does not seem to be a continuation. I think it would be nice to see a tie here.

Anyway, I think I have said too much already so I''ll end my post now

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