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Charlie McSow

Do you know the best single player story??

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Hi! At Rarebyte, we are working on a 3d shooter called Paradigm. Our original concept was to make a multiplayer-only game, but now we want to make a single player mode, too. And here''s my question to all of you: How does the best single player storyline look like? Who knows the best single player story? You know it? You''ve ideas? Mail us: Charlie McSow (Paradigm Game Design)

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I''m not really sure how you''d go about answering that question, although it should be immediately obvious that
there is no ''best'' storyline - it is whatever ''flicks your switch'' so to speak, that said, 3d shooter storylines tend to have action, uh action... and not much else.
No, j/k - some 3d shooters have cool storylines, like Half-Life and SOF, but they aren''t ever *that* deep. They follow an outline (e.g. work for an agency, get double crossed, get hunted, take revenge) and elaborate on it.
At least, that''s how it seems at the moment.

Take it easy,


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Well, just talking about the story line here, the basic requirements is that it keeps the player''s interest. If the story becomes too corny or way to unrealistic, they aren''t going to play it (as much). With fps''s though, this is not always the case, but at least a decent story is needed (preferably one where you learn more as you go along).

Commander M

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