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rpg world. combat + exploration

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Or, Representing non-standard game elements via recurring symbols/tokens. IMO, Computers offer the major advantage over pen + paper RPGs that the world is concrete, it isn't just flimsy imagination (which doesn't lend itself to the Game aspect of combat very well. This is probably a major advantage to non-rpg gamers, who would want to be able to see what is going on. Of course, you 'could' have a DM just put down miniatures and tokens, but that would be a lot of work, and some features of the world could not be represented easily. (I may be talking rubbish about the RPG combat systems, not having played any! But as said at start this is just my opinion.) The space between objects can be shown on screen, you are able to be shown the tree that can be climbed as an escape route, you can see that the two of the orcs are 10 metres away, and that the archer is hanging back getting ready to fire. But what else? How do you represent the IMPORTANT elements of the situation.. For example lets say that there is a trapped door, how would you represent the way that the player character notices little clues which say to him that the door is suspicious? I suppose you could have a big question mark come up, (or the tile with the door on it could be highlighted). This would show that there was something suss, and the player could highlight the door to be told some more detailed info on the situation. Various levels of question mark/ intensity of highlighting could be used to represent the depth of suspicion. Maybe there could be a set of different markers which would be imposed over game elements. So the difficulty is in working out how to represent the important and noteworthy elements of the game, ie. the stuff that the player doesn't meet very often, and has a special description made up by the DM. [edited by - Ketchaval on June 4, 2002 7:23:10 AM]

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