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do you need to free primitives in C

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Original post by Pfhorseti

The subject is kind of self-explanatory but do i need to manually free primitives in C?
if so, how would you do it?

Original post by Melraidin
Primitives like int, char, etc.? Not unless you dynamically allocate it. As long as you don''t do anything like int *pMyInt = new int;, you don''t have to.

Are we talking about C, or C++?

IMO, Melraidins answer is basically correct, but if we are talking about C, there is no such thing like "new" in C. In C you allocate dynamic memory with malloc() and deallocate it with free() .
If that was just a typo, and Pfhorseti meant C++, then you allocate with new and deallocate with delete , or allocate with malloc() and deallocate with free() .

In C++, malloc()/free() are considered deprecated and should be avoided when possible (AFAIK).

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