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Run Length Encoding

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How do we find sequences of repeating characters inside a file, is there a specialized algorithm for this purpose? (its obvious how to find them, but is there a good algo for this purpose?) I would like a link or an explanation, if possible, thanks all,

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I jsut so happen to have made a RLE program on the weekend

Basically you look through each byte and cound the length of the run by looking at all the bytes after that and stopping when it is different. If it is more than 2 bytes, add a ''run'' packet with the length followed by the byte. If the run is too short put a ''raw'' packet that just tells it to copy x number of bytes directly. Read the document on TGA file format on wotsits'' site, it had a good description on how the packets work and how to decode it

Im afraid you will have to make your own algorythm though good luck!

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Maybe I don''t understand your question, but you are going to have to scan trought the file at least ONCE, so why not just test if the current character is the same as the last one.
If so increment a repeat counter for that character.

This is about as simple as its going to get!
In other words there''s no ''trick'' that you''re missing.

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