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Hi. Just a quick question people! Is there any easy way of implementing colour keying into an OpenGl demo. I''m writing a model format which uses environment mapping for texturing the model and extra decals added for any extra detail. Unfortunately, I when I add the extra decals, even the background colour is rendered. Can I specify an RGBA value which is automatically discarded at rendering? Secondly, (yes, I''m pretty much a newbie), is it posible to implement bump mapping and per pixel shading using OpenGL & environment mapping (I just think it would look dead cool!)? And thirdly, I''ve seen footage of Doom3 running, and I''m pretty much in awe. I start a 4 years honours degree in computer games and internet technology in October, but I''m worried that when I''ve finished the course, I will not have the skills neccesary to get into the games industry. With so much emphasis on graphics, isnt it going to be much harder for someone to break into the games industry with so many seasoned programmers pushing the graphics boundaries so rapidly? Any opinions? Thanx Transformers Rulez!!

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Firstly don''t worry about not having skills. If you keep at it you''ll have more than enough. Start small, things will only get better. John Carmack started with Hello World too.

As for transparency, if you specify Alpha as 0, enable blending and set the appropriate blending function you should have properly transparent bits.

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