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A petition and request for the pros...

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So I rehooked up my old PSx and was getting back into Castlevania Symphony of the night last night (God i love 2d games, especially good ones.) I was sitting there playing it and just noticing the small details abound in the game. ESPECIALLY all the small detail in animations etc... then I got to thinking, I wonder what was designed, what was ad hoc and how the desgined some features, like how did they go about describing the fairy familiar, and when your character is idle, she sits on your shoulder and when u start running again she falls off. Little things like that. I think (here is my plug to the pros) that the pro''s should post on their sites or something old Design Docs (if they have them ) for games that no longer really turn a profit. I think that would be the best resource to budding game designers, is to actually not just see a tutorial on writing a good design doc, but to see actual examples from games that players could actually play. I know I for one would eat up something like this... Oh well, maybe someone in cyber space will hear my plea... -Shane

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That''s a very good idea. I sometimes too want to see how the game designer/programmer make the old (good) games. Source code is not enough without explanations (quake code). Like explaining their experience throughout the making of the games, what were the difficulties and how they solved them. That would be a pretty good resource for us, the newbies in game industry.

Sometimes I feel that I''m too way behind the game industry. Looking at all those future games at E3 with heavy realistic 3D engine, I feel very bad with my present knowledge. I know there''re a lot of programmers/artist/designer involved, and I''m still convincing myself that I''ll be there sometimes, but I want to know how they shaped up themselves from the old 2d engines to the realistic 3d engines. Just tell us about the old games and how they make them, so we can sort of guess what''s behind the industry and we can be prepared for it.

I think we should post this on "Article Request" forum.

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