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Lists of lists :)

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Let's say I want to make a qeue (spelling?) for my main game process. The qeue would be a STL list containing a class (INTLIST -- See below). INTLIST would contain a STL list of ints. The qeue and INTLIST would each have their own iterator for the correct type. How would I be able to access the data pointed to by the iterator in INTLIST. class INTLIST { public: list thelist; list::iterator Ilist; }; class QEUE { public: list theqeue; list::iterator Iqeue; // IQ lol int GetSingleCommand(int qeue_pos, int list_pos); }; int QEUE::GetSingleCommand(int qp, int lp) { Iqeue = theqeue.begin(); (*Iqeue).Ilist = (*Iqeue).thelist.begin(); // <-- Don't know if this works (problem 1); for(int i = 0; i != qp; i++) Iqeue++; for(int x = 0; x != lp; x++) (*Iqeue).Ilist++; // Once again, the same problem return (*Iqeue).(*Ilist); // Problem 2... /* This returns a few compiler errors, which I will not post cuz Im lazy. I think you get what I mean but I do not know what to dereference and what not to (in the return statement). If I could make a list> qeue, but I think that would add complexity to it all (if it worked). AND THATS ABOUT IT BTW, HOW THE HELL DO I MAKE CODE BOXES?? Why don't we just kill the guys who write error messages. It'd make our lives a hell of a lot easier **************************** Gimme a break, I'm Just 13 (14 in JULY) [edited by - zackriggle on June 4, 2002 8:32:16 PM]

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Code boxes are made with the [‍source] tag.

Since you are using the STL, you might as well use std::queue

#include <queue>

#include <list>

typedef std::queue<int, std::list<int> > Queue;

or just use a typedef for the list.

And you can make a list of lists by writing std::list<std::list<int> > with a space between the '> >'.

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