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DX ? in WordUp Graphics Toolkit

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I haven''t bought PowerRender3 yet(but I am planning too soon)and I dl''d PowerRender 2.6 and read some of its manuals. What my questions to all of you PowerRender Gurus is this: Are all components of the PowerRender 3 engine using the latest DirectX functions? I am confused now because in the user manual it says WUGT uses DirectX 2.0 (AHHHHHHHHHHH!). But I''ve read otherwise about PR 3... I was also reading from the PR 2.6 manual that you have to work from a dos command line to exec PowerRender programs, is this true? I''m guessing that Chris has updated PR 3 to Win 9X platform and all components of PR to use the latest DX, but I''m just making sure before I plop down $289.00.... Thanx all, T3

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The latest version of PR, uses DirectX 7, and includes a lot of the new functions that DX7 offers. ie Chris has just about finished the Hardware Transformation & Lighting, and has a lot of other cool stuff within PR3.

WGT Is basically an older Lib that Chris created, with some functions that are handy to PR users still.

PR 3 comes with a handy template for creating true Windows Apps, no need to worry about that annoying Win Code, and definatly no need for a Dos Prompt.

I am more than happy with PR, and would recommend it to anyone looking into getting a 3D API.


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