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C++ Reference Help File

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Were can I get c copy of the C++ file io reference file. This would be a Win32 HELP file thats all about C++ file io. I can''t find it on Google. I want that file! I need a goof file io reference guid. I don''t want any tutorials tho, just something I can download and go along with.

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what do you mean "the" c++ file io reference file. Do you mean an old Visual c++ or borland help file?

There used to be a good C++ library help file that shipped with Borland C++ 4.5 and 5.0 ... those were the rogue wave standard library help files. But just about every compiler sold between 1995 and 2000 can with such files ... are you looking for a particular one.

Also note, all of them I''ve found are for a specific library, and are NOT the best way to learn what the language specifies .. for that, but the book "The C++ Standard Library" published by addison-wesley.

good luck

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I don''t know if this is what you''re talking about, but my intro version of VC++ 6 came with the *awesome* offline MSDN, I can''t imagine coding without it. It has syntax and examples for almost any function. I believe you can order it from MS, though I''m not sure if it would cost anything.

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Well, I searched around and I found the HTML tutorial. I wanted the Help file that has the C++ file io reference i it. I think it was for gcc. I''v looked and looked and can''t find it. It just gose throught all the C++ file io library classes and functions, plus it decribes them with little code snipplets too. So what I''m looking for is a compiled HTML WIN32 help file, all about C++s'' file io library, or Cs''. C or C++ file io would be good to learn.

I want to make a MAP file format or find one that will work best for me. What I want to do is make F-Zero like 3D maps. I want them rendered in OpenGL because DX is just way to nuts. Although I want DirectInput and DirectSound. I just want to make a little F-Zero clone, like I always have. I finished my Galaxian clone, now I want to F-Zero clone.

I''ll be useing 2D sprites made in 3D modelers. So I get the 3D look with out using 3D sprites. The engine for this is pretty simple. Its like the Wolf-3D or DOOM engine. Were how the sprites were handdled. There will only be floor mapping and sky mapping. Maybe fog to but I don''t want to go real deep into 3D concepts here, although mipmapping is probebly going to be used. I''v done mip-mapping in 2D and it looked pretty good and easy, so I think I''ll be able to pull it off in 3D.

What MAP file should I use? I was thinking about using WAD or the old Wolf-3D map file format. Because the textures will be tiled on this huge quad. So I need to make a 2D tilling MAP that will be used in 3D. The file dose not need to know its 2D or 3D. It just needs to know were the tiles go. Once I have the file loaded I can rend it to 3D. So basicly I will probebly be doing some osrt of ray-casting and affin texture mapping for this.

Now besides all this, I realy need to know file io. I always forget about it. I need to know how to work with files realy good. Sence I''ll either be making my own file format for this project or using another parties. I need to know file io! I''v been looking around at some file formats to get a good idea on some of there structure. I kinda want to make a PAK like file format for a tile map. So the file will hold the tiles for the map and have just a big map structure holding valuse of were these tiles should go. So I need to know how to write my own files and read my own files. I want to know how to look only at a sertain part in a file and other binary stuff. I don''t want any thang real complex, just the basics. Because I''ll learn the rest on the way.

Sorry for this long message, but I felt that if you had a better idea of what I was trying to do, then you could better help me. So I just need to know how to write and read binary stuff, like ints arrays floats and what not IN C++.

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You just need to look up open, close, read and write for fstream at the link i provided you and you should be able to read / write your own data structures or anyone else''s.

int num[100];

... // do stuff

std::ofstream output;
output.open (filename, std::ios::binary);
output.write (num, sizeof (int) * 100);
output.close ();

... // do stuff

std::ifstream input;
input.open (filename, std::ios::binary);
output.read (num, sizeof (int) * 100);
input.close ();

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I''m getting the file io now. I found a tutorial about texture mapping with OpenGL that loads a RAW image file. I like that file format because theres now crap like headers to worry about. I thought it was alittle harder then what I''v seen. Now I just need to know how I can read a GIF, BMP, TIF or PCX to were I can use it as a texture data for OpenGL. In the tutorial I read, the texture was kep in a UINT. This is the code

GLuint LoadTextureRAW(const char * filename,int wrap,int width,int height)
GLuint texture;
BYTE *data;
FILE *file;

file = fopen(filename,"rb");
if(file == NULL )
return 0;

data = malloc(width * height * 3);

// read texture data

fread(data,width * height * 3,1,file);

// allocate a texture name


// select our current texture

glBindTexture( GL_TEXTURE_2D, texture );

// and soon


It looks to me that I need to learn some varible tech. Plus how to read and write structures to and from files and to memory. I just want to be able to look at a file format then know what to do with it, thats all. So onto the tutorials I go....... thanks for you help

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