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Texturing a height field map ?

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I need some idea on how to texture a run-time varying level of detail (QuadTree based CLOD) height map ? The terrain is composed of a lot of patches of vertexes (a HUGE terrain ... nearly 2500 square km.) each patches not optimized are composed of 255x255 vertexes. The terrain type of data will differ from places to places and also according to the weather (grass, dead leaves, snow, mud etc...) I''ve tought about using geomorphical mipmaps ... but there are several places on the map that i need to texture with roads and similar textures... beside, the map will probably not having the same LOD every place and time... (distance from the POV)... Of course i can create bitmap textures for each patches and load them when i need to. that will make 150000 bitmaps in totality (not including different levels of mipmap!, maybe 10,000 if we re-use a LOT of them... but i only got 2 artists working part time on the project and it will take forever... i''m not a professional developper (YET!) Anyone got an idea ? Thank you

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I don''t know a whole lot about the intricacies of dynamically texture mapping terrains, but as regards roads and other fixed features, perhaps you could have some kind of overlay map tat could be consulted by the texturing routine.

Basically a black and white image that would have roads (for example) marked out on it. The engine could then consult this map, and determine the corresponding areas of the terrain that needed a road texture (perhaps a tile based texture), independant of their current LOD. Could also be used to give the engine "hints" as to which texture tiles to use - eg mark off an area as "desert", etc. This wouldn''t have to be done at the same resolution as the heightmap, but could simply be used to get an idea of whether an area is "road" or not.

Don''t know if that''s of any use (or even relevant to your problem), but thought I''d pitch in

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