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OctTree/BSP tree, can't decide

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I am making an engine for a quake III-like game. The levels will be mostly indoor, and if they are outdoor it won''t be terrain (rolling hills, etc.). At first it was tile based, ie. a long wall would be divided into several squares. Now it isn''t, the map is made of huge polygons. My dillema is: 1) A non-tile based BSP system has the following advantages/disadvantages: a) fewer, but bigger polygons. (I have a non-conventional system that avoids splits). b) if a small part of a large polygon is seen, D3D must do texturing and lighting on the entire polygon. 2) A tile based OctTree system has the following advantages/disadvantages: a) more polygons. Long walls are divided up into square tiles. b) Less time is spent filling the polygons (with the texture) and less time is spent lighting the polygons. It seems I will either be slowed down by filling or the number of vertices. By the time this thing is finished (if ever) any self-respecting gamer will have hardware T&L. Maybe I should go with more vertices, what do you think? Proceeding on a brutal rampage is the obvious choice.

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how big are your levels?
how complex are they?

in my opinion, if htey are real big and real complex take the whole q3 road and do a solid leaf bsp tree with a pvs.
however if they aren''t too big and not that complex then use the octree, or your style of bsp tree.

if they contain anything which may need to be alpha blended, then use the bsp tree, as it will order your polys for you already - so you can draw back-to-front etc.

the msot important thing is how much you send to a card. so for big levels view frustum culling is probably the highest priority.

this is just my (perhaps not so learned) opinion though.
experiment and see which is best for you - Carmack once wrote 4 engines in a week or something like that, just so see which would work best. (don''t quote me on that carmack quote though its just something i think i read once)


Gobsmacked - by Toby Murray

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