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MDI window without caption or sysmenu

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How do I create a MDI window without a caption or system menu (No icon, maximize, minimize or close button)? I'm using Borland C++ 5.02/MS Visual Studio 6.00 ==================================================================== It's not the fall that kills you. It's the sudden stop at the end. [edited by - TheSorcerer on June 6, 2002 3:59:14 AM]

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CMdiChildWnd is a window you''ve have inherithed by the mdi
child base class , not that the class in this example is
arbitrary you should put your own base class

BOOL CMdiChildWnd:reCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs)

// Create a child window without the maximize button |= WS_HSCROLL; |= WS_VSCROLL;

if( !CMDIFrameWnd:reCreateWindow(cs) )
return FALSE;
// TODO: Modify the Window class or styles here by
// modyfing the CREATESTRUCT cs

return TRUE;

i hope it helps, anyway i agree for the sudden stop killing you

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You can also set up a rect and use SetWindowRgn to clip that stuff off, if you''d like. This will kill the border, as you''re not allowed to use WS_POPUP with WS_CHILD (which I personally find annoying. *shrug*)

Here''s the removal for caption/sysmenu, which you put in the mainframe of an MDI:

LONG nostyle=::GetWindowLong(m_hWnd,GWL_STYLE);

If you want to hide the status bar and the tool bar as well, you just use


I wasn''t able to find one for the main menu in my cursory search, so if you''re trying that too and you find it do let me know, as it''s on my "good stuff to know" list.


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