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Oscar A

Camera object and the mouse ?????

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I am doing a OpenGL program and i use Glut because i want it to work on windows and unix. I have a full floting camera object with the information about 1. Camera position: float m_fCamX, m_fCamY, m_fCamZ; 2. What point is the Camera looking at: float m_fLookAtX, m_fLookAtY, m_fLookAtZ; 3. Cameras up-vector: float m_fUpX, m_fUpY, m_fUpZ; I use gluLookAt() for the camera. I got my camera object to work with my keyboard but i also want to use my mouse to move around. I have found some tutorials for windos but i use Glut. Could anyone give me some help to get it work. Thank u Cowboy Happy Hacking. Don''''t forget to eat and sleep

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