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Hi, Which model do you think I should use? I''m looking for few lines of code with quality and ease of use.... Thank You

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That question doesnt really make much sense. Be more specific. Did you mean "which file format should I use to import mesh data?" or what? I use .ase but loads of people use .3ds or .x files. It doesn''t really matter though since mesh loading is rarely time-critical. Looking for lines of code which do what, exactly? I was very tempted to answer this with:

Well it''s a matter of opinion but I really like those little Gundam models and they''re easier to put together than the Airfix ones. Here is some quality code: while(1) { cout << "quality" }

but I decided I''m nicer than that. Is this question even for real or are you just pulling my ambulatory appendage?


Geocyte Has Committed Suicide.

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use oop, its great for organzing things, especially with polymorphism. though using some procderal techniques may be wise as well. top down is great for the design phase as well. mix and match and it will work good. in the end, its you who decides the quality and ease of use by your coding style.


// quality code

for(int i=0; i<10; i++)

// vs bad code

for(int i=0; i<10; i++, a(), b());

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