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Sin wave movement: Pleae Help!!

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The code section at the bottom of the post works fine with: m_fRoll = m_fRoll + 1.1f; [or] m_fYaw = m_fYaw + 1.1f; but fails with: m_fRoll = m_fRoll + 1.1f; [and] m_fYaw = m_fYaw + 1.1f; Why is my Sky Box / Sphere moving from left to right in a formatation of a Sin Wave? It should be moveing diagonal? I am totally lost, please help?
D3DXMatrixTranslation(&m_matWorld, m_vPosition.x, m_vPosition.y, m_vPosition.z);

D3DXMatrixRotationX( &mRotateX, -m_vRotate.x );  // Yaw

D3DXMatrixRotationY( &mRotateY, -m_vRotate.y );  // Pitch

D3DXMatrixRotationZ( &mRotateZ, -m_vRotate.z );  // Roll

D3DXMatrixMultiply( &mTemp, &mRotateX, &mRotateY );
D3DXMatrixMultiply( &mTemp, &mTemp, &mRotateZ );

D3DXMatrixMultiply( &m_matWorld, &mTemp, &m_matWorld ); 

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