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DirectPlay - IP address

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This is from the DirectX 8.1 SDK Help

DirectPlay Addressing
To deliver messages, each participant in a multiplayer game must have a unique address. Addresses can refer to either the computer on which your application is running (device address) or a computer with which your application needs to communicate (host address).

Microsoft® DirectPlay® 8.1 represents addresses in the form of a URL string. The address string is then encapsulated in a DirectPlay address object that is passed as a parameter in or out of methods such as IDirectPlay8Peer::Connect.

This section describes three ways of handling DirectPlay addresses.

DirectPlay URLs discusses how to construct the address string directly.
Handling Addresses discusses how to pass address objects in the Host, EnumHosts, or Connect methods.
DirectPlay Address Objects discusses how to manipulate the address string using the methods exposed by the address object''s IDirectPlay8Address interface.

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