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Dynamic Texture filtering

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What i am trying to accomplish is what all games are about: increase frames per second and quality. My idea was is a type of LOD enhancement that deminishes texture quality on the polys in my scene that are small, or at a large angle (i.e. big, put slanted, like looking down a wall). Since i''m already doing a dotproduct for each poly (back face culling) i thought i could use the result (cosine angle) to decide if the poly should reduce its complexity becuase its gonna be small on screen. I got some formulas and algorythms for deciding detail, but there is one problem. How do i dynamically decide how to render a texture? What i mean is how can i make an already loaded texture be GL_LINEAR in one frame and GL_NEAREST in the next (thats the idea). I only know how to make texture objects and just use those, setting the filter at initialization. How do i dynamically change the filter for a texture, it certainly seems like its possible. Do you create a new texutre object with the settings, or will this create a new copy of the texture in memory? I don''t know, so i need all the help i can get. all replies appreciated

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