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rome R o

Troubles with DirectX

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rome R o    122
I am a beginner in DX programming from czech republic and my schoollanguage is just germany,so sorry for some bullshits So what´s my problem: i have the DirectX SDK 8.1 and want to do games with it.Compiling of every project ended succesfully,but build of every project (build of sdk example too) ended with this errormessage: "ddraw.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or disk full: cannot seek to 0x3b16078a\" Somebody, help me in beginning and tell me, where could by that error?

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Stardust    122
A quick search at google showed these possiblilites.

"Insufficient disk space can cause this error. Check how much disk space is remaining. If it is likely that disk space is becoming exhausted then try freeing up more disk space.

This problem has also been observed when using Visual Studio 5, which was running without any Visual Studio service pack applied. When using Visual Studio 5 this error can be caused by an internal bug in Visual Studio. In this instance applying Visual Studio service pack 3 cured the problem.

A corrupt .lib file could (presumably) produce this problem."


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