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Loading textures problem ...

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Im trying to do lightmapping packing. I have for every room i load a directory for lightmaps. it contains BIG lightmaps that contain smaller textures(lightmaps). also each ''room''(directory) has a BIG vertex buffer file. i load my lightmaps in the engine like this: for i=1 to nrofBIGlightmaps read pVertexbuffer load BIGlightmap.tga into pTexturefile call Create(pVertexbuffer,pTexturefile) end for and in my CLightmap::Create function: -create the texture with D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx(pTexture) create the vertex buffer vbuffer=CreateVertexBuffer(Vertexbuffer) and read the u,v into vbuffer vbuffer has a custom format :LIGHTMAPVERTEX {p,n,u,v} each room has its own lightmap The question is: im trying to load more than 30 BIGlightmaps (tgas) of 256x256x16 but i cant. one tga is 192K size.that means 5Megs. Whats the problem ? is it possible to have a limitation of nr of textures loaded ? Ive tried on both pc with 16M and 32M video board memory. can be a problem the BIG nr of textures coordinates loaded at one time(but this is done sepparetly) I hope that it was not very boring.. Thanks.

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