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Making a game fun via style?

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I wanted to get your opinions on something. I have an idea for a game that is largely controlled from a radar screen. Assuming for the moment that this is the ONLY way to control the game (military RTS), how much of a difference in your opinion would it make in the fun factor to have a radar screen that is purely informational versus a radar screen that shows a lot of visual feedback? By visual feedback I mean: * When enemies come into view, they flash with beeps and little unreadable analytical statistics scroll beneath them * When craft take damage they flash * When craft are in death throes they pulse and fade into nothing * Orientation of craft are represented by simplistic icons (jets are triangles, tanks are rectangles with turrets that show orientations of both base and turret, missiles are yellow dots, etc.) A radar without visual feedback wouldn't have all the pretty bells and whistles. In my mind, a radar screen with a lot of feedback would be cool to operate, but I don't know if the fun would run itself out against the tedium of controlling everything from the radar. (In essence, does eye candy diffuse the tedium?) Thanks for any insight. Sorry I can't provide any more information about the nature of the game, yet. And I understand if you can't give detailed opinions without knowing the game's design. [edited by - Waverider on June 7, 2002 1:19:14 PM]

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