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3D Savvy................

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I''ve been working on a application for running games right, I''ve come up with a name for it: Virtual Reality Studio (VRS) and it''s kinda like Shockmachine but it doesn''t have that kinda design. And I have some like regular type components on it, nothing fancy. And then I thought that to really beef this app up, I could add so 3D stuff that would really make it look cool and catch peoples eyes. So I need your opinion on the best program for creating 3D buttons, 3D logos, 3D titles, and 3D banners. I looked into - Xara3D and - Cool3D. I already have Photoshop and I have done some really nice 3D buttons in there. It seems that I have been posting in the wrong forums like General Programming, For Beginners, and GDnet Lounge. So now that the moderators of those forums I just listed told me the perfect place for questions, and ideas like the one I have should belong to the Game Design forum. Another thing I need to ask is does anybody know somebody that has the SederGraphics Interface Volume 1 CD? This would also help me because it has interfaces on it that look really cool and would really astonish a application. Thx for the

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