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learning (semi-)advanced VB

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sofsenint    122
Hi! I recently purchased "Visual Basic Game Programming with DirectX." However, I feel as if I''m not experienced enough in VB to go a whole lot further. I can certainly understand the sample code if I sit down and think about it, but it just doesn''t come naturally and I know that when it comes time to write some code of my own, I''ll end up piecing together chunks of code from the book. I think it would really help me to do a little more practice before I start up again in the book. However, all the VB articles I''ve found cover things you don''t use in game programming(built-in ActiveX controls, etc.). Does anyone know of any good articles that discuss straight programming yet is slightly more advanced(enumeration, handles, etc.)? Thanks for your help!

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jeeky    126
A really good book for beginning VB is Visual Basic 6.0 Step-by-Step by Halvorsen. Much of the content may seem too easy, but it is a good place to start to get a good foundation.

If you are going the VB route, I suggest this path to knowledge:
1. VB 6.0 Step-by-Step for a solid VB foundation
2. VB Graphics Programming by Jacobsen for graphics theory and relevant advanced Win32 topics, such as handles
3. A DX or GL book for VB programmers, such as the one you already have

Also, you really need to pick a project and work on it. If you have an interest in learing without a project in mind, you will just continue to skim the surface.

Good luck!

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