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Massive Multiplyer Space/Planetary Surface Game

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ChemHaz    122
I''m trying to make a game for the PC. It''s an action multiplayer game that will support many, many players at once. Except I can''t make it. I need to know what I should use, direct x or opengl? Also I''d like to make my own game engine. I''m going to use MS Visual C++ 6.0. Please help me make this game work, thanks. Also what books should I get if I''m just starting to learn MS Visual C++ 6.0?

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Xgkkp    122
Whoah There! The phrase 'Learn to walk before you run' comes to mind. We'd all like to just make an engine etc, but it has to go in very small steps.
A place to start would be Here.
That goes over the basics of getting started, you'll have to learn to program before going anywhere near graphics at the beginning.

As for DirectX vs OpenGL, That's up to you. Personally, I am learning DirectX at the moment, but this site holds one of the best (in my opinion) resources for learning OpenGL. NeHe's Site
Whatever you decide to do, Good Luck.

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