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online gamer

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online gaming
-> Learn about sockets first.
start login screen and stuff
-> Text logins are easy, graphical logins require knowledge of your GUI API.
The c++ tutorials I read are too theoretical
-> You need to learn to handle ''theoretical'' topics if you want to make any progress.
i need something hands on
-> Download a MUD server and start tweaking, that will show you some of the issues. That''s how I learned to program in C.
If you got my prescription
-> There is no ''magic'' tutorial.
please reply
-> You got plenty of those here and there .

Note: If you want people to help you, you should definitely read the "Asking Smart Questions" essay by E.S.Raymond (see my .sig). You have been alienating the people who tried to help you before and run the risk to be classified as ''obnoxious lazy clueless kid'' and have your further questions ignored without a further thought.

Documents [ GDNet | MSDN | STL | OpenGL | Formats | RTFM | Asking Smart Questions ]
C++ Stuff [ MinGW | Loki | SDL | Boost. | STLport | FLTK | ACCU Recommended Books ]

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