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DirectSound problems.....

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I am trying to add DirectSound to my game, but it is about 1000000x as hard as DirectDraw or DirectInput. I did a lot of cut and paste from their dsutil.h and .cc and put in some of my own and other MS code. Here''s one of my problems... IDirectSoundBuffer_SetPan(pDSB, (LONG)((20000.0 * ((x) / 320.0) - 10000.0)); This line of code gives me an unexpected EOF while doing a macro... Any clues? Another one: f:\bensc++\dxgamev1.0\winmain.cpp(807) : error C2039: ''lpVtbl'' : is not a member of ''IDirectSound'' This is a compile error. This never seems to give ''donuts'' a problem, because this is a DIRECT cut and paste from it. Any help here? More questions later... -Ben Dilts

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are you sure youve set the capability of the DSound buffer to change its pan setting?

you dont need to use the vtbl''s for cpp dx progs - take out anything that might look like that
eg. pDDSurface->lpVtbl->Blt should be pDDSurface->Blt in cpp.

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